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We are currently taking bookings for Corporate Events, Birthdays, Sweet 16, Bar/Bat Mitzvah and Weddings.
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What is ShrinkR™?


ShrinkR™ is currently the most technologically advanced full body 3D scanner in the market. It helps to shrink you and your loved ones into photo-realistic 3D printed figurines.


3 steps to getting Shrink’D


    1. Come visit us at a location where ShrinkR™ is located.
    2. Get the most technologically advanced 3D scanner to shrink you in a 3D object with photo-realistic attributes. It roughly takes a blink of an eye to capture you and your loved ones.
    3. Once you are satisfied and approve of the 3D image, we will 3D print a figurine in our production center and ship it directly to your specified address in 2 to 3 weeks.

ShrinkR™ is the process of relocating.
Please check back soon to find out where we are headed next!

Create memories for every occasion

Family Portraits

Cake Toppers

People in Jerseys

People in Costumes


How does it feel to get Shrink’D?

Hand finished

High resolution (HD)

Full color

Photo realistic


$ 120

Small Human / Pet
Size: 3″ – 5″
(Varies according to height)
Made to 1 : 15 scale

$ 170

Medium Human / Pet
Size: 4″ – 7″
(Varies according to height)
Made to 1 : 10 scale

$ 230

Large Human / Pet
Size: 5″ – 10″
(Varies according to height)
Made to 1 : 8 scale

$ 350

Wedding Cake Topper
Size: 6″
Made to 1 : 10 scale

$ 25 – $ 200


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